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Case Study 1  - Major Retail POS Rollout


In 2018, the team at Figure8 was engaged by its customer Toshiba Australia to receipt, stage and deploy 1400 new Point of Sale Systems to one of Australia's largest retailers, with the need to de-install and remove the old POS equipment during the same site visit. 

Figure8's Project Implementation team worked diligently to develop a solution that meant that it could deliver the new POS, de-install the old POS, install the new POS and remove the de-installed POS all in a single site visit at both Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan locations throughout the country. 

Not only did the Project Implementation team manage to develop a solution to do so, it also added extra value by managing the disposal of more than 50 ton of de-installed equipment and the drilling of positioning holes into existing counter-tops for the installation of new mounting brackets at no additional cost. 

At the end of the day, Figure8 delivered on all of the requirements within time and budget, and with a very happy client and end customer on its hands!

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